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Vikens IK: Vikvalla
August 2016 Project ” Rainbow Installation”

180 children from Vikens IK Football school 2016 were involved in a project called ” Rainbow Installation“. All the children were set in their age groups and given a different colour from the rainbow spectrum of colours, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo or violet.  All the  children were  given a large Plastic circle whereby they could paint/ decorate the circle in whatever way they liked with a set colour. Once all the plastic circles were painted, they were painted with a layer of varnish to keep them waterproof. These were then used to create a ” rainbow installation” at the Football ground Vikvalla.


Vikens IK: Vikvalla August 2015
Project ” Together we are One”

168 children from Vikens IK football school were involved in the project ‘Together we are One’. Footprints of 168 children were painted and then scanned into the computer to be used to create the ” Together we are one-Tree” . Working with Dag Ståleker, the Tree was created and printed onto Aluminium plate. Thank you to Höganäs Kommun for kindly sponsoring the project.


SkiStar Swedish Open 2013 & Collector Swedish Open 2013 BÅSTAD

During the SkiStar Swedish Open 2013, the  Players created a painting that would then be donated to Jonsters Charity, Helsingborg. ( see The players were given tennis balls that were covered in different coloured paint and had a lot of fun hitting the balls against a large canvas ( 211cm x 160cm)- the final result was this:


Collector Swedish Open 2013

The ladies were asked to create a large painting on a ready prepared canvas ( approx 200cm x 150cm). The theme was ” Balloons”   and each player was asked to paint their own unique balloon. The final painting has been sent to The Ronald McDonald Hus in Uppsala.

A children’s cancer hospital- we very much hope this will bring joy to the children & families staying there.


SkiStar Swedish Open  – Båstad 2012

During SkiStar Swedish Open  2012, the male players were asked to place a painted hand-print on a sculpture of a tennis ball. The tennis ball was then auctioned during SkiStar Swedish Open 2013- all proceeds were donated to UNICEF.


SkiStar Swedish Open
Båstad 2012 ladies

During the SkiStar Swedish Open 2012, the ladies painted a circle that was then hung in tree sculpture, like leaves in a  tree.

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SkiStar Swedish Open  Båstad 2012

– Victoria was asked to organise a charity activity for the players during the tournament, for both the men and the ladies. A large canvas was painted into 8 sections, whereby 8 players had their own ” puzzle piece” to paint -The players had free hands to paint whatever they wished, thus making a collage. The final painting was sold at auction  during SkiStar SWedish Open 2012 and raised 20,000kr for the Robin Söderling Foundation.



Collector Swedish Open, Båstad  2011:  

The ladies were all given their own 30cm x 30cm canvas to paint as freely as they liked. Once the paintings were completed an exhibition of their work was hung in the players lounge, and then the players were free to keep their work.